Taking dietary supplements or “Do no harm!”

“Everything is poison, and nothing is devoid of poisonousness, only one dose makes the poison invisible.”


Often, patients do not go to doctors, giving priority to self-medication with acnatac. But self-administration of seemingly “harmless” dietary supplements available without a prescription can lead to serious problems. Often, people are firmly convinced that pharmacy dietary supplements recommended by pharmacists or friends will save them even from serious health problems.

Including from osteoporosis – a disease in which bones become weak, brittle and fragile like glass. “According to world statistics, osteoporosis occurs in 80% of the world’s inhabitants. Usually after 50 years and more often in women, ”says Olga Andreevna Savchenko, doctor of the Regional Center for Public Health and Medical Prevention.

Back in 1930, endocrinologist Fuller Albright suggested a close relationship between the development of osteoporosis and menopause. In women, the hormonal background changes, therefore, during this period, there is a lack of calcium, since it is quickly washed out of the bone tissue. And, as a rule, many of the fair sex in adulthood develop the first “quiet” stage of osteoporosis, when there are no obvious symptoms yet. Often at this stage, women begin to drink dietary supplements uncontrollably to strengthen bones, because osteoporosis is insidious precisely because there is a high probability of getting a fracture or crack when a person stumbles or falls.

“Any drug, be it medicine, dietary supplements or vitamins, should be drunk only after examination. Even ordinary ascorbic acid can harm a person if he suffers from certain diseases, ”says Savchenko. She claims that the thoughtless intake of dietary supplements harms the liver – the biochemical laboratory of our body, which is responsible for metabolic processes. Overdose inevitably affects the functioning of the kidneys and other internal organs. Each dietary supplement has its own period of elimination from the body, and when you take the drug unnecessarily, it becomes toxic to the body.

“To avoid undesirable consequences, take tests,” concludes the Center’s specialist. For example, in the clinic at the place of residence, you can take a general blood test, in private clinics – tests for hormones. To exclude osteorporosis, it is important to undergo densitometry – a diagnosis of the density and likelihood of bone fractures.

A simple and affordable study allows you to prescribe therapy on time and not bring the disease to severe stages, when it is already incurable. Bone calcium stores begin to decline after age 30 and can reach critical lows by age 50. Therefore, the diagnosis of the state of the skeletal system in adulthood becomes especially important.

And only then, based on the results of the examination, the doctor, if necessary, prescribes the timing and dosage of dietary supplements. Therefore, it is especially important to remember: if you have any health problems, do not rush to the pharmacy, but to the doctor.

For information

Osteoporosis is treated by a rheumatologist and orthopedist. The doctor can refer you to a consultation with a traumatologist, endocrinologist, radiologist and osteopath in order to find the most effective treatment.

Osteoporosis symptoms:

bone and rib pain
increased fatigue
digestive system disorders
muscle weakness
weight loss
posture change
bulging of the abdomen