Parkinson’s disease

Living with Parkinson’s disease and

Imagine all movements become slow.

Close Up Of Senior Man Suffering With Parkinsons Diesease

Imagine that they do not work faster, even if you try.
Imagine that the voice, speech rate and facial expressions have changed.
Imagine that your hand is constantly shaking at rest.
Imagine that it is very difficult to take the first step, and when you walk, it is just as difficult to stop or turn abruptly.
Imagine that it is difficult to tear your feet on the ground, they seem to stick.
Imagine that with normal movements, muscles, like dense rubber, have difficulty stretching and contracting.

The reason is the death of the substantia nigra neurons – this is the name of the area in the midbrain, the cells of which produce dopamine. With its lack, the control of movements is impaired and the person experiences everything that I wrote about above (and even more, there is just a sketch).

Little neurological joy: at the reception to recognize a patient with Parkinson’s disease, give him the first time the drug levodopa (dopamine), and the next time to see its wonderful effect.

However, the treatment of PD is not limited to levodopa alone. And it does not always start with her. There are many drugs, the decision on the appointment of each is made individually. The dose is increased gradually until the quality of life is acceptable.

And if you immediately give the maximum of missing dopamine, make a person “as before”? Then complications of therapy will inevitably come, and they are no better than the disease itself.